News Article BIG CEE fashion outlet retail retail park SEE Serbia
by Property Forum | Investment

Group BIG CEE Serbia entered into a partnership with Fashion Company to acquire one more commercial centre in Serbia, Fashion Park Outlet Indjija. BIG Group acquired the majority of shares (67.5%) in this project, with Fashion Company as the main partner, which holds remaining rights (27.5%).

Fashion Park Outlet Indjjia is located next to the highway between Belgrade and Novi Sad, promoting fashion brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Diesel and more.

’“We intend to continue our growth while expanding our investments into office space and residential area. Our company is leading the project of a business centre located in block 42 in New Belgrade, that NCR will use as its main campus in Serbia. At the same time, our first investment in residential area is starting with construction of 1.100 apartments in Visnjicka street. Our intention is to stay in Serbia for many years and announce many new projects to come“, stated Robert Yahav, CEO of BIG Serbia.

Upon completion of the transaction, BIG Serbia will hold 4 active centres, with a fifth one under construction - BIG Fashion Park to be opened until the end of 2019 – with a total area of ​​108.000 sqm, which strengthens its position as a significant participant in the real estate sector in Serbia.