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by Property Forum | Office

BCR Romania is working on a project that takes into account the increased demand for telework and flexible offices in the two buildings in Bucharest where it has rented offices, which can lead to a reduction of workplaces, informs. 

At the end of last year, the bank started a project that will take into account the increased demand for work from home, but also for more flexible work slots. After the completion of this project, BCR will be able to estimate what the company's needs are in terms of office space, and the result could be a higher rate of work-table sharing, which can lead to a reduction of workstations. But, says the bank, this does not necessarily lead to a reduction of sqm at the same scale.

The company has rented two offices in the Orhideea area of ​​Bucharest, where 2,000 employees normally work. Currently, 90% of them work from home, a percentage that has been maintained since March last year.

Asked if they renegotiated the space rental contracts or if they received discounts or other facilities to extend the contract period, the bank's representatives say that the use of space can lead to lower operational consumption and lower service fees.