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by Property Forum | Report

Real estate consultancy Avison Young has launched the X Factor, a guide for companies looking at the best way to attract and retain top talent for today’s evolving expectations of the workplace. 

X Factor guides companies through considerations around the new era of work, new employee archetypes, and how to optimize their workplace strategies for now and for the future. For many, that will require a hybrid work experience that accounts for some aspect of remote working, which has driven productivity and employee satisfaction over the last eighteen months. 

A survey by Avison Young shows that 89% of respondents felt that their home environment enables them to work productively. Moreover, 93% of them said that they work effectively with managers and colleagues from their home office. Furthermore, 75% of survey respondents felt that they were able to maintain a healthy work-life balance while working from home. 

“We are all part of the change that is happening today all over the world. The way of working is under big transformation, and I cannot stress this enough: employers who can distinguish the right answers for their organizations – and then execute a clear workplace strategy around them – will gain two competitive advantages: They will succeed in recruiting the best talent, and then they will maximize their employees’ effectiveness,” said Otilia Bordei, Head of Office Agency at Avison Young Romania.  

“At Avison Young, we have analyzed the employee behavior and preferences regarding the way of working based on personality traits, generational habits, surveys and statistics and we have put together The X Factor, our new guide on the future of work which supports you on the way to win in the war for talent and future-proof your workplace ecosystem from strategy through to implementation,” he added. 

The agency’s workplace strategy team guides clients through their workplace needs from strategy through to implementation. 

“Now is the most appropriate moment for companies to strategically rethink the way their organization works and to define what workplace mix suits best to this new-way-of-working, in strong correlation with the real-estate decisions. The design of the overall employee experience in the workplace involves a sophisticated process and evolves in real-time. Moving forward there will be a stronger focus on creating a highly adaptable work environment and combining various working-styles," added Andrei Voica, Head of Workplace Advisory & Project Management at Avison Young Romania. 

Voica went on to say that “Even before the pandemic, a number of organizations in Romania were already moving toward Activity-Based-Working (ABW), which is designed to give employees freedom of choice and the ability to move around the workplace based on their schedule and specific needs. Our X Factor methodology helps our clients transform outdated, traditional paradigms – (with typical 9-5 hours and assigned seating) into a modern, flexible workplace.”