News Article Austria CEE Immofinanz report takeover
by Property Forum | Report

The Austrian Takeover Commission notified Immofinanz that a review procedure is being initiated with respect to Immofinanz as the target company.

The Austrian Takeover Commission decided, pursuant to an application by Petrus Advisers Investments Fund L.P., to initiate a review procedure with respect to the target company Immofinanz.

The applicant argues that based on the acquisitions of shares in Immofinanz carried out by Ronny Pecik and Peter Korbačka (via RPPK Immo GmbH) in February 2020 and further control-relevant (capital) measures in 2020 at Immofinanz and S IMMO, an obligation to launch a takeover offer at the level of Immofinanz has been violated.

The subject of these review proceedings is, whether against this background  Ronny Pecik, RPR Privatstiftung, RPR Management GmbH, RPPK Immo GmbH, RPR Treasury GmbH, Peter Korbačka, S Immo, CEE Immobilien GmbH, Norbert Ketterer, HAMAMELIS GmbH & Co KG, EVAX Holding GmbH and any further legal entities may acting in concert have violated an obligation to launch a takeover offer for Immofinanz.