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by Property Forum | Investment

Facility management group Atalian has signed this year a strategic global agreement with Gausium, the provider of autonomous cleaning and service robots. The partnership enables Atalian to introduce “cobotics” solutions worldwide, in large scale projects.

Atalian has been using cleaning robots for more than five years in markets from France, UK, and Asia, but will now be able to use the innovative technology in for CEE-based clients following the partnership, according to Jerome Mening, Atalian’s CEE Procurement Director.

“We have successfully tested and implemented 5 Scrubber 75 in Poland, Czech Republic or Croatia, for customers as Auchan and airports, and we are currently making tests in other 10 locations. Next year we target to have at least 50 robots in CEE countries, mainly in retail and logistic centers. We work closely with Gausium for the operational process improvement and equipment efficiency, helping them in developing and improving their products from the user’s perspective. We have already pre-ordered 50 units of their new product ‘Phantas’, which is designed to serve and change the classic cleaning model in the office segment,” said Mening.

Peter Kwestro, Global BD Director Gausium, added that the company has been committed to empowering people in the facilities management industry to work smarter and more efficient with our autonomous floor cleaning robots.

Atalian Global Services has more than 125,000 employees in 36 countries.