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by Property Forum | Residential

The average asking price for apartments in Romania gained 0.8% in February to €1,609 per sqm compared to the same period of last year. Over the past 12 months, the average increase of prices stood at 18.5%, according to property classifieds platform 

In Bucharest, prices fell by 1.1% to €1,609 per sqm, while in Cluj-Napoca they gained 3.9% to an average of €2,236 per sqm. 

“On the medium term, due to significant demand for new homes and the growth of construction prices, we expect apartments to become more expensive,” said Daniel Crainic, Marketing Director of 

On the Brașov market, asking prices were up 2.6% to €1,514 per sqm, while in Timișora they were up 2.4% to €1,446 per sqm. In Constanța and Iași, asking prices were up 1% to €1.434 per sqm, and 1.8% to €1,236 per sqm, respectively.