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by Property Forum | Industrial

Czech online retail giant Alza has leased a 22,000 sqm warehouse at P3 Prague D8 park as increasing sales volumes put pressure on its existing logistics centres around Prague in the Holešovice District and at P3 Prague Horní Počernice park. Alza will move into the specially adapted facility – which will feature a mezzanine storage system that has the capacity to almost quadruple the total floorspace – in January (2018). Both of Alza's existing logistics centres are equipped with technology to ensure that the company can meet its delivery time promises – particularly useful during the hectic pre-Christmas season.

"We value our partnerships with long term customers such as Alza. The warehouse at P3 Prague D8 is the third building that this company has leased from us. The fact that this leading – and fast growing – player in the Czech e-commerce market has trusted us again underscores our ability to provide flexible solutions to our clients’ requirements. This applies both to our portfolio of existing logistics facilities and to new Build-to-Suit warehouses constructed to meet our customers’ specific needs," commented Tomáš Míček, P3's Country Head for the Czech Republic.
Designed to meet the needs of Alza's expansion plans, the warehouse floorspace can be increased to as much as 80,000 sqm with the use of a mezzanine storage system. Generally used for storing small-size goods, maximising the use of vertical space in a warehouse via mezzanine storage is increasingly common across Europe. It reflects a similar trend – albeit on a smaller scale - to the large multi-storey warehouses that are now being built in city centres across Asia where the price of land is high.
"In many ways, the operation of our logistics centre in Horní Počernice is unique in the Czech Republic, especially as far as technology is concerned. There are 2,500 m of conveyor belt routes, over 30 picking stations, an automated system for transporting 20,000 boxes, and countless software features. The technology allows us to move goods to the docks to be loaded onto trucks for delivery to the customer quickly and efficiently," said Alza's Head of Logistics, Jan Klička.
In addition to running a logistics centre at P3 Prague Horní Počernice, Alza’s facility is also open to customers to collect online orders and there is also one of the largest showrooms in Alza's retail network where shoppers can examine goods they plan to purchase. The facility features barrier-free access and free parking plus it is open 12 hours a day (except on weekends and holidays).
Alza also offers AlzaDrive from its P3 Prague Horní Počernice warehouse - an option for customers who do not wish to visit the store or showroom and need to collect their goods quickly, preferably directly from their car. AlzaDrive significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to get goods from the warehouse to the customer, as there is no need to park the car and collect the goods inside the facility. The entire process of collecting goods is reduced to a stop at the cashier and at the dispensing window. The convenience offered by AlzaDrive matters especially during the busy Christmas season. It allows shoppers to avoid queues, crowded stores, and stress of hunting for presents.
Starting next year, Alza will be delivering Christmas presents from P3 Prague D8 as well.