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by Property Forum | Residential

Alto Real Estate has just unveiled an international architectural and urban design competition. This competition is aimed at developing an area in the emerging heart of Bratislava. Both local and international architects now have an opportunity to contribute to the development of a site close to the Sky Park by Zaha Hadid, which has come to symbolize modern Bratislava.

The site, covering almost 15,000 sqm, is situated in Bratislava's Old Town, specifically in the Mlynské nivy – Chalupkova zone, between the Sky Park complex and the former temporary bus station. The boundaries of this area are defined by Bottova, Továrenská, and Chalupkova streets. Participants in this competition are tasked with proposing a solution that will foster meaningful urban development for both the city and the Sky Park district. The new development is expected not only to expand and connect the existing green park but also to integrate the city with Sky Park and the surrounding emerging area. The urban design and architecture should complement Sky Park and the broader context while offering a fresh perspective and unique identity. The new construction on the site will comprise a mix of residential, office, and civic spaces, with a predominant focus on residential functionality.

"We've long believed that open architectural competitions with international participation offer cities a chance to secure high-quality and representative architectural designs. As investors, we place a strong emphasis on timeless design, high standards, and transparent collaboration. We see this competition as an opportunity to shape the district, where architectural excellence has been significantly defined by the Sky Park project," said CEO of Alto Real Estate, Rastislav Valovič.

The international architectural competition is structured in two rounds. Eligible participants include architects, architectural firms, and teams with experience in projects of similar scope. In the first round, the jury will select seven finalists from both invited and independently registered studios and collectives. These finalists will then further refine their original designs for the second round. The deadline for submissions in the first round is November 16, 2023. Participants who advance to the second round will have until January 31, 2024, to submit their detailed proposals.

Evaluation will be carried out by an international jury composed of representatives from the investor and experts such as Jim Heverin, Director of Zaha Hadid Architects, Dutch architect and urban planner Kees Christiaanse from KCAP, and Swedish landscape architect Martin Arfalk from Mandaworks.