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by Property Forum | Retail

Polish/German-based investment group 4FI has launched a new convenience centre brand in Poland at the beginning of December. The first location of MOZAIKA in Kraków is located on the site of a former Tesco hypermarket.

4FI – a Polish/German-based investment group – developed MOZAIKA after acquisition from Tesco who operated the location beforehand. The local 4FI team was supported by BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland who is responsible for the leasing and the management of the locations. The group owns around 100,000 sqm of grocery and convenience space in Poland.

MOZAIKA Kraków is located within the Bieżanów-Prokocim district of Kraków, in a very frequented area and on a well-connected route heading towards Wieliczka. Good accessibility via public transport including tram stops as well as individual transport such as the highway A4 leads to a high frequency and a broad catchment area. So that the 65,000 inhabitants of the district will be reached as customers as well as people passing by the location via car or public transport.

The customer-centric tenant base includes a modern Kaufland grocery store on 7,400 sqm, a large OBI DIY store and several others such as Rossmann, Deichmann, RTV Euro AGD, Maxi Zoo etc. Furthermore, MOZAIKA provides a large food court that provides modern gastronomy concepts to the customers.

"We redefine places that have been inscribed in the fabric of the district for years, we react to the constant changes in shopping habits. It is a big responsibility and a challenge because we are changing projects with a commercial history and giving them a completely new life. Together with residents, we are rediscovering the functionality of the location, we highlight new opportunities by introducing brands that have not been available in the area before. It is rewarding for us, when we see a great interest from the clients of what may surprise them, in fact in a place that they really well know", said Fabrice Paumelle, Head of Retail, BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland

"Convenience centres, such as MOZAIKA, are gaining popularity. They perfectly meet the new expectations of Polish customers and are a direct response to their constantly purchasing habits. The modern customer thinks highly of the convenience, size and overall offer of compact shopping facilities, that are sufficient in meeting their extended list of daily needs. Their benchmarks are value chain stores and well-recognized brands which guarantee shopping satisfaction. Such customers are to be found in Kraków's Mozaika", commented  Radosław Trzepla, Head of Polish Operations at 4FI. 

"In this way, a completely new commercial quality has been created for the asset. It is a game-changer to the location and engaging for the inhabitants of Kraków. Additionally, its advantage is the overall diversification of the offer and a skillful mix of well-known chain-stores with local tenants who feel at home in such a mosaic", said Michał Pszkit, Management Board member and Head of Property Management Department, BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland.