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At 230 metres full roof height Varso Tower is now officially the tallest building in Poland. Works continue at the top of the building where a 80-metre tall spire is to be assembled in upcoming weeks. Upon its completion, Varso Tower - developed by HB Reavis - will be the tallest building in the European Union with its architectural height of 310 metres. The construction is set to complete in Q1 2022.

Surpassing the roof height of Warsaw’s renowned Palace of Culture and Science marks an important milestone for us in Poland. Not only is it Warsaw’s tallest building, but it is the Poland’s first supertall building, which is defined as a skyscraper that is at least 300 meters tall.

Varso Tower has been designed by Foster + Partners. The new skyscraper is already mostly covered with glass façade, but construction ahead includes installation works and interior fit-outs.

At the top visitors will enjoy two observation decks. The 1st at 205m and the 2nd (230m) will be twice as high as the terrace of the Palace of Culture and Science. A restaurant and bar with views of the city will open on floors 46 to 48. Full of greenery the lobby will have two 10-metre-high walls covered in a handmade mosaic of 1,800 ceramic tiles.

Varso Tower is the showpiece of the Varso Place mixed-use development consisting of offices, hotel, innovation hub and retail including gym and health centre. Its future users will appreciate great connectivity via direct link to Warsaw Central Station providing access to numerous bus, tram, metro and commuter railway transport options.