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by Property Forum | Investment

SOF Connect, the operator of Sofia Airport, announced its plans for accelerated investment in Sofia Airport by the end of 2025. More than €50 million annually will be invested in the expansion of the airport in the next three years. This will increase to €60 million or two-thirds more than what is stipulated in the concession contract.

"We are investing in the future of Bulgaria. Not only are we executing, but we will also overachieve our investment program. BGN 150 million. will be the contribution of SOF Connect to the Bulgarian economy by the end of 2025, which will ensure the transformation of Sofia Airport. Thus, for the entire duration of the concession, investments in the development of the Bulgarian airport will exceed €1.2 billion. We are also actively working on improving the air connectivity of the city and the country – more destinations from Sofia Airport mean creating new businesses and more jobs and promoting the country internationally," said Jesus Caballero, CEO of Sofia Airport.

The investment agenda is part of the broader strategic goal with which we will have a five-star regional airport and a third passenger terminal by 2030. Improving the travel experience, the application of green energy, a clean environment, and sustainable development are among the main priorities in the Sofia Airport modernization plan implemented by SOF Connect. The main investment projects are:

  • Construction of a 20-megawatt photovoltaic park to meet the energy needs of the airport complex. The first five megawatts will be deployed before 2025.
  • Construction of a completely new Terminal 3 by 2030
  • Complete reconstruction of the Terminal 2 building, which will also take over the flights from Terminal 1, and the building of 3 new public parking lots.
  • Doubling of passenger check-in counters and increase of security and border control lines.
  • They are improving the travel experience through a new shopping area of almost 2000 sqm, an entirely new zone with restaurants, and pubs.
  • Implementation in 2023 of a new modern and effective luggage management system.
  • 3 new passenger sleeves, with the potential of servicing wide-crown aircraft for long-haul flights.
  • Repair and improvement of the flight field, including the runway.