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Panattoni has purchased just under 35 hectares of land and is to start construction work as soon as February this year. Panattoni Park Poznań A2 is to have a build-out area of almost 150,000 sqm. The development is to be situated near a junction on the A2, where the motorway crosses the S11 expressway. One building with an area of 82,000 sqm is to be occupied by a giant of the clothing industry while the remaining 62,000 sqm is being developed speculatively.

The developer continues to expand its Wielkopolska portfolio while Poznań and its surroundings remain at the centre of its operations. The company has delivered almost 1,500,000 sqm in this area, of which 250,000 was delivered in 2022 with 140,000 sqm under construction at the end of that same year. Panattoni Park Poznań A2 is to be built on an area of 34.7 ha, which will allow Panattoni’s portfolio to be extended by a further 150,000 sqm. The development of both the 62,000 sqm and the 82,000 sqm buildings will start in February. The larger of the two is to be completed in October and is to be fully occupied by a clothing industry giant, which is to use the space to support its e-commerce operations.

“The Poznań region continues to be one of the top areas in the country in terms of demand for industrial space. Businesses are attracted to Wielkopolska’s administrative capital due to its excellent location, its convenient road access and its exposure to some of the most important markets both at home and abroad. This is why we are moving ahead with another large-scale development. Panattoni Park Poznań A2 has already demonstrated its huge potential before the start of construction work with the appearance of a tenant for 80,000 sqm and this tenant intends to serve a number of European markets from its Poznań location,” says Marek Dobrzycki, the Managing Director at Panattoni.

The lease of such a huge area demonstrates the lightning-speed development of e-commerce for the fashion industry, which was worth around $744 billion globally at the beginning of 2022 with this figure projected to grow to $1.1 trillion by the end of 2026.

The developer intends to have the centre certified with a rating of Outstanding under the BREEAM ecological certification system. The development will not make use of PCV and the developer is to make the roofing suitable for the installation of solar panels. Moreover, the tenant will have a greater number of skylights at their disposal as well as a BMS and intelligent lighting. In order to save water, Panattoni, among other things. Is to prepare a system to recover rainwater. Moreover a drinking water purification station will also appear on the property and wastewater will drain into a biological processing system. Those who use the centre will be able to make use of electric vehicle charging stations, extensive cycling facilities, an outdoor terrace and gym, basketball courts, a boules lawn and a centralised drinking water installation in the offices.

Panattoni Park Poznań A2 will have very easy access to the nearby A2 motorway, which will join the centre to cities such as Warsaw, Łódź and Berlin. It will also have easy access to the Poznań Krzesiny junction, where the A2 joins the S11, a road that will eventually connect the Baltic coast with the Silesia region. Moreover, the park is 15 km from the S5 expressway (Bydgoszcz – Wrocław). Because the development is within the vicinity of the Wielkopolska administrative capital, it also has very good access to labour, which is especially important for a centre of such a large area. The park should be able to employ around 4,500 people.