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by Property Forum | Industrial

Panattoni has announced the construction of a new 12,000 sqm centre in Poznań. Panattoni has already built around 370,000 sqm for the City Logistics sector in 22 locations.

On the land just 7 km from Poznań city centre, Panattoni is planning the development of  City Logistics Park Poznań II, a second urban park in the administrative capital of the Wielkopolska region. The centre’s urban location ensures superb access to all of Poznań’s transportation facilities including its buses, trams and bicycle paths as well as a railway station.  Its strategic positioning also provides access to workers that are looking for a quick commute to work while also ensuring that companies have access to their target customers. 

“Our next Poznań urban development will form an opportunity for companies that depend on getting to the end customer in the city as quickly as possible. Being located not far from the A2 motorway as well as the S5 and S11 expressway, it provides a development opportunity for local businesses that will gain excellent access with most of the country as well as to foreign markets. The layout of the building will make it possible to place office and social modules on one side of the hall with a ground level gate and docks on the other.  The fact that the minimum module rental size is around 2,000 sqm also demonstrates how modern the park is. All of this means that City Logistics Park Poznań II is a key development for the region and another place to find employment,” says Katarzyna Kujawiak, the Development Director of Panattoni.

Each one of the 22 City Logistics developments built so far has undergone environmental certification under BREEAM. The Poznań park will also be equipped with technology to limit water, and energy usage as well as to reduce CO2 emissions. The developer is to create a green zone and equip the development site with environmentally-friendly furniture as well as plant bushes and over 200 trees. As well as the relaxation zone, workers will be able to make use of modern offices that have been tested for their acoustics, air quality and access to natural light, all of which has been designed to meet the requirements for a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’.

Upon completion of City Logistics Park Poznań II, the developer will be approaching a total of 400,000 sqm of delivered urban logistics space. The types of clients of such centres are varied. Those who use such space include start-ups, medium-sized retailers and retail manufacturers. E-commerce also attempts to shorten delivery times with urban logistics. Over the last two years, the clients that have chosen Panattoni’s City Logistics centres have included FM Logistics, Frisco, Barbora, Raven, Well Pack, In Post and OneDayMore.