by Property Forum | Retail

The Oresa investment fund bought the Solo logistics and industrial park near Iași from businessman Bogdan Pițigoi. The acquisition marks the fund's entry into the real estate market. The value of the transaction was not made public.

The Tester Group, owned by businessman Bogdan Pițigoi, has been investing in Solo since 2011. The Solo project, located in Lețcani, near Iași, includes a Class A office building, with an area of ​​2,000 sqm and halls of 15,000 sqm.

The total investment amounted to 6.4 million, of which 2.6 million were European funds.

Tester Group is one of the oldest entrepreneurial businesses in Romania, being founded 28 years ago and having investments in different fields such as automotive, offices, industrial, insurance, logistics, and transport.

Oresa is an investment company controlled by a family from Sweden, active in Romania since 1997. Oresa has invested and built companies, market leader, in several sectors such as financial services, construction materials, business, and IT services, FMCG, retail & distribution. Currently, the companies in the portfolio are La Fantana and RBC, which took over Ropeco in February 2021. In the past Oresa owned shares and contributed to the development of companies such as Fabryo-Atlas, Somaco, Duraziv, Motoractive, Credisson, Flanco, Brewery Holding (Ciuc) and Medicover.