News Article Czech Republic EBM investment Kladno Natland
by Maria Novakova | Investment

The investment group Natland has become the owner of land near the newly reconstructed main railway station in the city and at the same time also the owner of the Stromovka Kladno development project.

The seller of the project was the EBM group, which is also active in Kladno with other residential projects and was involved in the development of the Stromovka project from the beginning. The business partners agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

Over 600 apartments and commercial spaces are to grow in several stages in the future within the planned new urban district of more than 52,000 sqm. The project near the transport hub can become one of the new centres of the city, and the conceptual plans also consider a small square and civic amenities such as restaurants, shops, cafes or a kindergarten.

"We already have experience with a similarly large area. A few years ago, we built a new residential district in Prague's ninth district in the Čakovice area, and we are convinced that this also helped us in the negotiation and purchase of the Stromovka project," said Karel Týc, Partner at Natland.

"Kladno is close to our heart and its development is important to us. Because we perceive the Natland group as a strong player in the real estate market, it was a suitable partner for Stromovka, which had already started, for its successful completion. We remain in the role of project manager and will be responsible for the permitting processes,” said Jan Šulc, Executive Director at EBM, regarding the sale.

For the Natland group, the project in Kladno is the first development step out of the metropolis. At the same time, the city of Kladno is an alternative for the people of Prague with a more affordable real estate option.