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by Property Forum | Report

Romanian property holding Meta Estate Trust says it recorded a gross profit of 7.2 million lei (€1.5 million) during 2022, which was the first full financial year since the launch of the company. Its total revenues amounted to 21.7 million (€4.4 million), while the assets reached 98.6 million lei (€20 million). 

Last year, Meta Estate Trust obtained €8.9 million from investment exits, while the gross margin of these deals reached a combined 8.9 million lei (€1.8 million). 

“We have a well-diversified investment portfolio, acquired at very favourable prices, whose added value will be reflected in the company's future financial results. Our main objective is to continue our medium and long-term development,” said Oriol Casellas Deig, CEO Meta Estate Trust. 

Going forward, the company says it is looking to add the income producing assets category to its portfolio. Meta Estate Trust plans to boost funding by attracting equity, bank loans and revenue from bond sales for further investments.