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by Property Forum | Industrial

Panattoni has passed 130,000 sqm delivered for LX Pantos in Poland. The Korean logistics operator has increased the space it occupies within Panattoni Park Wrocław XIII to 50,000 sqm.

Poland and South Korea have had a strategic partnership for 9 years now. In addition, a free trade agreement (FTA) between Korea and the European Union has been in place for 11 years, and Poland is taking advantage of its convenient location and still lower operating costs. Companies from Asia are increasingly willing to locate their investments in the centre of Europe, moving their operations closer to the final customer. 

Such a facility is Panattoni Park Wroclaw XIII, covering 75,000 sqm within two buildings. About 2/3 of the park's space is occupied by LX Pantos, which has just increased its leased space to over 50,000 sqm. The Korean market leader and one of the largest logistics operators in the Asia-Pacific region collectively leases more than 130,000 sqm from the developer in Poland. 

"In 2021, Korea was among the 10 countries from which Poland imports the most. The intensity of trade is a motivation for the development of companies from this Asian country precisely in our region. This is confirmed by LX Pantos, which feels increasingly comfortable in Lower Silesia, increasing the volumes of electronics and electromobility products handled. Panattoni supports this growth by providing modern, customized space. Once again, we prove that our facilities are not only the present, but also the future, including in terms of sustainable construction", says Damian Kowalczyk, Development Director of Panattoni.

LX Pantos is benefiting from a green warehouse certified under BREEAM, rating of “Excellent”. Panattoni has implemented energy-saving, water-saving and CO2 reduction solutions in the facility. The investment has also been equipped with a few user wellbeing solutions. Office spaces are examined for acoustics, air quality and daylight access. In addition, employees benefit from green relaxation zones or eco-friendly urban furniture, as well as electric car charging stations.

The investment is located right next to the Pietrzykowice junction of the A4 freeway, a short distance from Bielany Wrocławskie, where the region's most strategic roads - A4, E67 and A8, constituting the Wrocław Motorway Bypass - intersect. The park is perfectly connected with three European capitals - Warsaw, Prague and Berlin - which is particularly appreciated by logistics companies with international operations.