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Attila Kovács, who founded DVM Group in 1995 and Horizon Development in 2006, passed away in February 2021, the two companies announced.

"Attila Kovács, the founder, owner and managing partner of the DVM group and Horizon Development, passed away on February 10, 2021, at the age of 51. The professional heritage of the visionary architect, passionate businessman and charismatic leader and the uniquely sophisticated spirit of his work lives on not only in the buildings he created but also in the hearts of all his colleagues and business associates who have been given the opportunity to work with him.

Attila Kovács graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Budapest University of Technology in 1994. After that, he gained work experience in architecture and project management in the United States, Sweden, Italy and the United Kingdom. Professionally up-to-date and progressive knowledge has always been important to him, so he consciously strived to have his vision nurtured by beautiful impulses from all over the world, which he could also see as inspiration when shaping his own projects.

In 1995, he founded DVM group, an internationally recognized group of companies providing the most complex architectural and construction services in Hungary, and in 2006 he launched his premium real estate development company, Horizon Development. He was attracted by the duality of the beauties and challenges inherent in the protection of monuments when he undertook the heritage protection renovation of the Eiffel Palace office building and the Váci 1 building in Budapest. The architectural solutions of the Szervita Square Building, Promenade Gardens and Eiffel Square showcase his passionate commitment to contemporary architecture and environmental awareness," the press release concludes.