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by Property Forum | Industrial

Czech industrial developer Demaco obtained a planning permit for the construction of an industrial hall of 18,245 sqm of a built-up area in the DMC Kvasiny industrial park. This is the largest permitted hall ready for construction near the Škoda Auto plant in Kvasiny, where the successful Superb, Kodiaq and Karoq models are produced.

DMC Kvasiny is located 1.3 km from the cargo gate of the Škoda Auto plant. All utilities are in the territory and with sufficient capacities. “We plan to start construction in the third quarter of 2021. The smallest unit that can be separated in the hall is about 5,000 sqm while we prefer requirements over 8,000 sqm,” said Jaroslav. Kaizr, Ph.D. MRICS, a partner of Demaco.

Construction will be based on the technical standard DMC Construct 4.0. Demaco will adapt the internal layout as well as the external design to the needs of the person interested.