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by Property Forum | Office

The Carol Davila University has completed the purchase of the Quest boutique building in central-eastern Bucharest in a deal brokered by Crosspoint Real Estate. 

The building with a leasable area of 4,500 sqm will host the laboratories of the Institute for Research and Development in Genomics (ICDG). The price of the transaction was not made public. 

“This purchase represents not only a physical expansion of our campus, but also an expansion of the scientific and medical horizons of Romania. The building will house state-of-the-art laboratories and research spaces, thus contributing to the advancement of research in genomics, bioinformatics and other sciences. It will also allow the academic community to participate in high-level research projects using a well-equipped infrastructure,” said Viorel Jinga, PhD, Rector of the Carol Davila University. 

This transaction represents an important step for the progress of medicine and medical research in Romania, added Simona Urse, Associate Director, Office Agency at Crosspoint Real Estate. 

The building has 8 floors and two underground levels offering 38 parking spaces.