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BPI Real Estate Poland and Revive have selected the design prepared by the SUD Architekt Polska studio for their joint investment, which will be conducted under their joint-venture on ul. Jana Matejki in the Poznań district of Łazarz. The Belgian developers intend to build a truly urban modern complex on a gigantic area of 5.5 ha. This investment project calls for combining residential and commercial functions and revitalizing historical buildings consisting of the former military barracks. This concept also calls for planting a large amount of greenery, including trees and creating numerous generally accessible areas for all of the residents of Poznań to be able to use. BPI and Revive’s investment will be carried out in three stages and its completion is slated for the end of 2029.

"I am elated with the urban nature of the planned investment. This investment means that the former Uhlan military barracks will regain their brilliance and their place in the urban fabric will be reinstated, while Poznań and its residents will obtain a new and attractive living space whose architecture is aligned to the traditional development present in the Łazarz and Grunwald districts accompanied by green areas and places set aside for relaxation and recreation", said the Mayor of the City of Poznań, Jacek Jaśkowiak.

The investment’s design was selected as part of a limited contest among architectural design studios. The winning concept was prepared by SUD Architekt Polska, a studio that has extensive experience in the revitalization of historical facilities. According to the Belgian investors SUD’s design best exhibited the historical buildings consisting of the barracks, which will form the heart of the entire complex and will be visible from every part of the investment. The investment concept calls for building an open mini “city in a city” that harmoniously blends the old and the new development and the architecture in its immediate vicinity.

"In Poznań, together with our partner Revive we will carry out one of the largest investments in BPI Real Estate Poland’s entire portfolio – a modern multi-use development project. According to our motto of being URBAN SHAPERS, we have selected a comprehensive major urban project that will actively shape the urban space in the center of Poznań. We are keen on creating an open mini city in a city to serve subsequent generations. In this joint project we will focus on the aspects we consider to be highly important: sustainable development, including ecology and long-term social benefits while leveraging our respective experience", announced Béranger Dumont, General Manager of BPI Real Estate Poland.

"The concept underpinning this investment refers to our company’s mission statement: to breathe new life into neglected and abandoned urban areas. As part of our cooperation in this project we will leverage our experience to revitalize this plot of land in Poznań. On top of a wonderful multi-use complex we will create a venue here to deliver added value to the district. We have planned for a lot of greenery and environmentally-friendly solutions we are currently working on", remarked Alexandre Huyghe, CEO of Revive.

In the planned investment much emphasis has been placed on green areas, space and pedestrian and bicycle paths. The investment will be divided into three parts: the commercial part from Grunwaldzka street, the residential part from Matejki street and the historical part from Ułańska street, which will be the “heart” of the entire complex. The investment’s residential part planned for placement in newly-built buildings calls for building upmarket and premium residential units. The investment’s design also incorporates the establishment of a centrally-located park containing green avenues formed by planting new trees and bushes to augment the preexisting flora.

"Our project refers to the iconic historical palm grove close to the site. We want that our project will be an “eco district” favorizing a symbiotic relation between the city and the nature. The constructions will be merged within gardens and parks that will be fully open to all citizens, favorizing green mobility and socialization. The new district will have a mix of functions from offices to residential and the historical military buildings renovated will be the noble frame of a new park that will host the most public activities making the site as a new vibrant piece of the city", said Jocelyn Fillard, Architecture Director and Partner, SUD Polska.

The Belgian companies doing business as BPI Real Estate Poland and Revive have established a joint-venture company to conduct this investment in Poznań. This plot of land was acquired from Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie in September of 2020. The site is situated between Matejki, Grunwaldzka and Ułańska Streets in Poznań. This prime location is a mere 2 km away from the center of Poznań and a 10 minute walk from the Central Train Station.