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Panattoni has launched its latest park in Poland’s Małopolska region. Panattoni Park Kraków East II will be situated on the eastern side of the Kraków conurbation, just off the Targowisko junction of the A4 motorway, and is to have an area of ​​almost 19,000 sqm. Panattoni’s presence in the region has since expanded to 4 existing projects with a total area of ​​100,000 sqm. As soon as late July or early August this year, the first tenant, Kenig Spedition, will be moving into 9,200 sqm of the complex, which will be used for logistics, service and production processes for its clients – manufacturers of pallets and packaging. The lease was mediated by consultancy Axi Immo.

Now the construction of another investment in the region has started – Panattoni Park Kraków East II with an area of ​​18,700 sqm. This latest project is to be a modern, multi-tenant facility ideal for a wide range of processes, as is confirmed by the tenancy of Kenig Spedition. The company is to occupy 9,200 sqm of the complex, which will be divided into two independent sections, according to the processes required for the company’s clients. In the first part, in addition to warehousing, the production and painting of pallets will be carried out. For this purpose, a 300m production and repair line is to be built as well as a special shelter for storing pallets next to the building. The second section will be used by Kenig Spedition to sort the packaging of such items as tins, bottles and dividers, as well as for the cleaning of certain items. In this part of the building, the air humidity will be strictly controlled.

The investment is being built to the east of Kraków, just off the Targowisko junction of the A4 motorway and only 40 km from the city centre. As Michał Samborski, the Head of Development of Panattoni comments: “This offers a superb alternative to industrial space in the city of Kraków itself, where the supply of such space is limited and the rental rates can be an additional barrier for potential tenants.”  As he goes on to add: “The location of Panattoni Park Kraków East II near the Targowisko junction is ideal not only for supplying Kraków itself and its surrounding towns but also such locations as Bochnia, Tarnów and Dębice. In addition to this, many industrial enterprises are located close to the junction, thus boosting the business potential for the tenants of our park.”

“After investing in the Warsaw and Wrocław areas, Kenig Spedition began an extensive search of the Małopolska region for another convenient location from where it could further develop its business in Poland. The new production plant meets the main requirements of the project, in that it is ideal for rapid logistics operations for local and regional customers, while also having excellent access to the A4 motorway. In addition, the developer has demonstrated its flexibility by tailoring the space for the client’s specific production processes. Moreover, the eastern side of Kraków is also ideal when it comes to access to a qualified workforce,” explains Marta Nowik, a consultant in the logistics and industrial department of Axi Immo.

“For Kenig Spedition, securing a presence on such a growth market as Małopolska forms a key plank in consolidating its leading position in the TSL industry. After the successful entry of the company into the demanding German market, the attention of the management board was once again drawn to its domestic market. The desire to expand in Poland was prompted by the growing demand for contract logistics services and the new opportunities that have arisen due to the automation of logistics processes. Thanks to the professional and prudent approach of Axi Immo’s representative Marta Nowik as well as Panattoni’s highly competitive services, the company will be able to perform its logistics operations in modern warehouse space of the highest possible standard. In Targowisko near Krakow, Kenig will be able to provide services for two large global customers,” reveals Adam Kenig, the owner of Kenig Group.

Panattoni Park Kraków East II, like all of Panattoni’s latest park developments, will undergo BREEAM certification at the ‘Very Good’ level. The development of the park will require subcontractors to meet the ISO 14001 standard. In addition to this, the developer will insist on the use of construction materials with a voluntary Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) or those that are PEFC and FSC certified as products derived from sustainable forest materials. Green spaces and relaxation zones are to be created around the glazed offices of the building, while the vegetation chosen will be suited to the local weather conditions. Bicycle infrastructure will also be provided. And due to Kenig Spedition having permanent workspace for its production and service processes, these premises will have improved access to daylight.