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Panattoni is extending a production campus for K-Flex in Uniejów. After having developed almost 60,000 sqm in four buildings, the developer is now to deliver a further 6,500 sqm. The leading producer of thermal and acoustic insulation materials will already be using a 15 m high storage facility in March 2022. This will allow K-Flex to service the growing needs of its construction clients from Europe, Asia and the USA. Both companies are now planning further stages to the extension of the complex in Uniejów.

K-Flex Polska, a global producer of flexible thermal and acoustic insulation materials is continuing its cooperation with Panattoni. All of the company’s buildings in Poland have been developed as part of the Uniejów complex by the leader of the commercial real estate market. Thus far Panattoni has delivered four buildings with a total area of 59,300 sqm. The first was constructed in 2014 when the developer delivered 16,000 sqm of space as part of a BTS project. The last building was delivered at the end of 2020/beginning of 2021 ahead of schedule and it comprised 9,300 sqm.

“In order to further its development in the region and not only for that, K-Flex has placed its trust in Panattoni and the developments delivered thus far as well as those that have been planned have proven the value of this investment. We are to deliver both warehouse and production space as part of this project, which will allow the company’s activities to be streamlined and effectively tailored to meet customer expectations,” says Marek Foryński, BTS Managing Director in Panattoni.

Panattoni began its latest development for K-Flex in September last year. This time the developer is to deliver warehouse and production space in a high storage warehouse with an area of 6,500 sqm and the building is to be handed over in March 2022. The increased height of 15 m will support the company to a greater extent with the rising level of production within the K-Flex complex in Uniejów. This will meet the needs of construction clients on three continents. The goods produced by the business within the complex reach not only Europe but also the USA and Asia (including South Korea, Vietnam, and Malaysia).

Uniejów, where the K-Flex complex is continuously being developed is just 50 km from the geographical centre of Poland. Being located in the central part of the country around 10 minutes’ drive from the A2 motorway provide easy access to key markets in both Poland and Europe, including to Łódź, Warsaw, Poznań and Berlin.