News Article Bratislava construction government law Slovakia
by Property Forum | Economy

Newly approved building regulations in Slovakia will significantly reduce the endless waiting for building permits. Thanks to advanced digitalisation, the individual processes and the timeframes for their execution are shortened. Builders will thus be able to calculate the capital invested and the entire work schedule more accurately. Therefore, a new Office for Spatial Planning and Construction is being established as a central state administration body, as well as a specialised construction office for the so-called EIA of construction at the Ministry of the Environment, informs.

The newly approved building legislation in Slovakia will end the long procedures and bureaucratic regulations in this area as well as the endless processing of building permits for larger projects. It will also allow a significant optimisation of the current processes from 83 to 13. Such integrated processes are also possible thanks to relatively advanced digitalisation. "This is an increase of almost sevenfold in the number of processes and bureaucracy, i.e. the number of all stamps that an investor needs to get to the construction procedure at all.

According to the deputy prime minister, the new building regulations introduce so-called fiction and if officials do not make a decision within the deadline, the law provides for a solution to the situation, either positively or negatively. He argues that conditions in an investment plan should be determined in advance and not changed during planning or construction.

"So that communal politics is not made in the construction sector through blocking construction, because this causes unwanted effects. This is also the reason why the Planning and Building Authority is being established as a central government body. In addition, a specialised construction office for the so-called EIA of constructions is being created at the Ministry of the Environment," Holý explained.

The laws have already been signed by the President of the Slovak Republic Zuzana Čaputová.