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by Property Forum | Industrial

Industrial manufacturer giant JABIL expands its warehouse and production capacity in Hungary. The firm will get an extended production site at the regional city of Tiszaújváros in the Eastern part of the country. The large facility is being developed by the Hungarian company Infogroup.

Infogroup has been developing a new logistics building of more than 12,000 sqm, which will almost double the warehouse capacity of Jabil in Tiszaújváros within a year. 

This site is JABIL's largest factory in Europe in terms of turnover, diversity and number of employees. The new hall, the second phase of the warehouse building, which was also developed by Infogroup and opened in 2018, includes a warehouse area of 11,500 sqm and an office wing of 800 sqm.

In addition, by the end of 2023, the production area will be expanded by almost 6,000 sqm through the partial conversion and extension of the existing logistics building. As a result of the improvements, the plant will now have a production and warehousing area of around 60,000 sqm.