News Article Focu investment Luxembourg restructuring
by Property Forum | Investment

Focus Estate Fund announced its successful restructuring in Luxembourg, Europe's largest fund and asset management destination. From now on Focus Estate Fund shall operate as a Luxembourg-based Alternative Investment Fund.

Since its establishment in 2016, Focus Estate Fund has been investing in convenience retail in the value-added niche throughout Europe. With a current portfolio of 10 retail buildings with a total GLA roughly of 120,000 sqm, Focus Estate Fund aims to double in size by the end of 2024, utilizing its existing equity commitments. 

Maxim Shkolnik, General Partner of Focus Estate Fund, commented:” Transparency and investor protection is paramount. We exercise diligent oversight at the asset level, and our long-standing collaboration with BNP Paribas exemplifies this commitment. This level of oversight isn't new to us; we've consistently adhered to rigorous scrutiny at the subsidiary level, where the bank's supervision has been a constant feature. Now, with a similar level of control at the holding level, we remain confident that it won't impede our progress or affect our performance indicators negatively. With the help of our fund administrator, Creatrust, we have set up an AIFM registered with the CSSF in Luxembourg. Creatrust assists us in critical AML functions as well as ensuring the high level of compliance obligations in Luxembourg are met. Our multi-tiered control system, ensures efficient risk and asset management, accounting and compliance, bolstering investor transparency and security while ensuring an institutional level of fund product.”

For its central fund administration, Focus Estate Fund has selected Creatrust, as a leading service provider established in Luxembourg since 2005. Creatrust shall assist the Focus in its central administration as well as accounting, NAV calculation, tax compliance, etc. Creatrust shall provide Focus access to the FundNav ® online fintech platform where investors shall be onboarded digitally, KYCed online, review their portfolio statements, and from where Focus shall issue capital calls, approve NAVs, reporting, share documentation, etc.