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by Property Forum | Investment

Romanian developer Euro Vial Residence has purchased a six hectare land plot in the northern area of the city of Constanța, towards Ovidiu, for €6.5 million.

The company plans to develop a mixed use scheme on the land plot, comprising over 800 apartments and villas, as well as a strip mall spanning 10,000 sqm.

”Considering the size of the land, we will develop one of the largest residential projects from Constanta. It will be a mixed project, with multiple social functions for its residents, located in the northern area of the city, the most sought, both by Constanta’s residents and also by investors from other regions. The new project will attract an investment of over €50 million”, stated Virgil Lixandru, Managing Partner Euro Vial Residence.

The company has completed three residential projects to date in Bucharest and Constanța and has delivered 604 apartments. At present, Euro Vial Residence is developing two more residential projects in Constanța with 112 apartments in total.