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by Property Forum | Industrial

CTP’s portfolio of industrial and logistics spaces in Romania reached 2.1 million sqm in January 2022, with representatives of the company suggesting that the country can become a logistics hub for the region. 

Some 900,000 sqm of industrial spaces were transacted in Romania during 2021, of which roughly 500,000 sqm were in CTP’s projects, said Andrei Koszti, regional commercial manager, CTP Romania. 

Romania can develop as a logistics hub in the region, following the Czech and Polish model, according to Ana Dumitrache, Country Head of CTP Romania.  

"Players with logistics hubs in the centre of Europe are also opening projects in Romania. It's a trend that will continue," Dumitrache said. 

This year, the company will complete a new airport cargo terminal in Oradea covering 16,000 sqm, which will be the first of its kind in CTP’s international portfolio. 

This year, the company will expand the concept of CTP Clubhaus facilities nationwide. According to the company, the ClubHaus network will include three units in Bucharest, and one each in Arad and Timisoara. 

At the same time, CTP will implement locally the CTFlex and CTBox concepts to meet the space flexibility requirements of companies. The developer is also erecting 504 residential units near the CTP Bucharest West Park that will be occupied by employees of tenant companies.