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by Property Forum | Residential

Developer J&T Real Estate (JTRE) has completed the almost three-year construction of Bratislava’s tallest residential building and the Klingerka project has been issued a usage permit.

Construction of 116-meter-high Klingerka began in March 2019 with the drilling of support piles, followed by the reinforcement and concreting of a two-meter thick base plate.

"Colleagues often had to develop and fine-tune completely new products with suppliers. After thorough testing, these prototypes were used for the very first time on the tallest residential building in Slovakia,” explains Peter Medľa, JTRE project manager.

After completing the basement area and car park, work progressed from the third floor at a pace of one floor every ten days. "We concreted the 35th floor’s roof in November 2020, and prepared the building for the approval process by September 2021," says Martin Barila, Construction Manager at STRABAG Pozemné a inžinierske staviteľstvo s.r.o., which was the general contractor (residential part).

The project includes a multifunctional park the size of half a football pitch. This will become an attractive oasis and social feature, and serve as a natural connection between the original Klinger area and the residential tower located alongside the main road. The park was designed by the GFI architectural studio team, which collaborated with the award-winning mmcité designers. The central feature is a new playground, workout area with machines, and a smaller ball game area. The car park’s roof greenery also reduces noise, dust and temperature, retains water and, together with park plants, makes a major contribution to climate sustainability in Bratislava city centre.

In addition to the last administrative steps before handing over flats to the new homeowners, all minor interior and exterior work will also be completed.

And the transformation of the former industrial site into a new full-fledged urban space will continue. JTRE is preparing a continuation of the Klingerka residential project. "After project completion, Klingerka will comprise a natural transition between the emerging modern city centre and the quiet historic Klinger area with abundant greenery, handy services, leisure opportunities. It is crucial that Klingerka also delivers a welcome mix of functions for the city centre’s social functioning," says Pavel Pelikán, Executive Director of JTRE.