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Skanska has commenced the third building of its Krakow-based High5ive office project. During the construction works, the company will also develop an underground garage for the fourth building. High5ive, developed in the very heart of the city, will ultimately consist of five buildings and deliver 70,000 sqm of office space. The whole project will contribute to an interestingly managed and thought-out urban area in Krakow.

The third building, whose construction works have just started, will consist of nine floors above ground and provide its tenants with approximately 12,000 sqm of office space. It will be delivered to market in Q1 2020.
However, the area around the High5ive office project will have greenery planted in 2018 - upon completion of the first phase of the investment. There will be several dozen species of trees, shrubs, grass and perennials planted in the area. Ultimately, there will be a green island with zones designated for rest and co-working developed close to Rondo Mogilskie roundabout. Furthermore, a small stage will be located nearby as well.
The building will include cycling infrastructure and amenities. With a focus on cyclists, building D - which will be developed during the first phase - will offer a Bike5ive bicycle centre with bicycle racks for up to 200 bicycles and shower cubicles for cyclists. Furthermore, the entire complex will also include water containers for both people and animals as well as street furniture and amenities such as smartphone chargers.
High5ive will ultimately provide 70,000 sqm of modern office space. The first phase of the investment will be delivered to market at the beginning of 2018. Tenants will have concierge services at their disposal. It will allow them to take care of simple private affairs, such as picking up tickets for the theatre or clothes from the laundry room without the need to leave the office. The complex is developed in accordance with the highest standards of sustainable building. Apart from being LEED Gold certified, it will also apply for a “Building without Barriers” certificate. This means that the project will be adjusted to the needs of persons with disabilities, parents with small children, seniors and people who do not speak Polish.