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by Property Forum | Residential

Cordia Romania, the residential division of Hungary’s Futureal Group, plans to invest €50 million in new projects million next year. The company aims to deliver about 500 apartments per year on the Bucharest residential market, designed for the medium and medium-high segments.

Parcului20 is the first residential project in Cordia’s new Romanian investment plan, a €40 million investment that will unfold over the course of three years. Parcului20 is located on a 15.000 sqm plot and will feature 469 apartments, available in over 30 different layout versions. The project includes a private community garden, stretching over 3,000 sqm, with trees, perennial plants, relaxation area, a yoga garden and exercise area, in addition to 579 parking spaces, bicycle parking and over 80 storage units.
Parcului20 is to be built in two phases of development. The two buildings have a height of eleven floors and all apartments are equipped with smart-home systems, developed by one of the market leaders, configured as to ensure control, security and energy savings. The first phase of the project consists of 260 units and it will begin by the end of this year, to be delivered in September 2020. The second phase is to be delivered 8 to 12 months after the completion of the first phase.